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 Distribution Theory

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The theory of distributions has numerous applications and is extensively used in mathematics, physics and engineering. There is however relatively little elementary expository literature on distribution theory. This book is intended as an introduction. Starting with the elementary theory of distributions, it proceeds to convolution products of distributions, Fourier and Laplace transforms, tempered distributions, summable distributions and applications. The theory is illustrated by several examples, mostly beginning with the case of the real line and then followed by examples in higher dimensions. This is a justified and practical approach, it helps the reader to become familiar with the subject. A moderate number of exercises are added. It is suitable for a one-semester course at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduatelevelor for self-study. Gerrit van Dijk, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

 Life Distributions

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This book is devoted to the study of univariate distributions appropriate for the analyses of data known to be nonnegative. The book includes much material from reliability theory in engineering and survival analysis in medicine.


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This textbook is an application-oriented introduction to the theory of distributions, a powerful tool used in mathematical analysis. The treatment emphasizes applications that relate distributions to linear partial differential equations and Fourier analysis problems found in mechanics, optics, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and signal analysis. The book is motivated by many exercises, hints, and solutions that guide the reader along a path requiring only a minimal mathematical background.

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