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 Balloons on the Mailbox

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Speaking about the death of a child is taboo, especially a newborn. After all, babies are not supposed to die. But the reality is that they sometimes do. In Balloons on the Mailbox, Chantal D. Hørup recounts the death of her beloved newborn baby girl. The Hørup family struggled to find normalcy in their lives again, but rising above a misfortune of this magnitude is not easy-especially when friends and family members don´t know what to say, or whether to say anything at all. Unable to cope, Chantal went into shock and remained secluded in her home until the day of the funeral, all the while yearning to connect with another mother who had experienced such a terrible loss. While heartbreaking, Balloons on the Mailbox will help you better understand your role as a friend, family member, or co-worker of someone who has experienced such a massive loss. Discover how you can make a difference in people´s lives and aid them in their journey toward recovery.

 Gästebuch Mailbox

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Ein Gästebuch ist ein persönliches Stück Zeitgeschichte. Ein besonders ausgefallenes Buch nehmen auch die Gäste gerne in die Hand – ob privat oder auch in gehobenen Ferienwohnungen oder -häusern. Dieses Gästebuch ist im DIN A4 Querformat und dadurch sehr handlich. Der feste Einband ist mit robustem Stoff bezogen und angenehm griffig. Die Briefkästen oder Mailboxen sind ein schönes und passendes Motiv. Stecken wir doch ins Gästebuch unsere persönlichen Zeilen an die Gastgeber. Für die Einträge stehen 30 Einzelseiten zur Verfügung. Die Rückseiten sind beschreibbar. Dieses Gästebuch eignet sich auch perfekt als Geschenk zum Einzug in die neue Wohnung oder ins neue Haus.

 The Mailbox

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For readers of Unbroken and Flags of Our Fathers, The Mailbox is a sympathetic portrayal of veterans and the burdens they carry throughout their lives. Vernon Culligan had been dead to the town of Draydon, Virginia, so long that when the crusty Vietnam vet finally died, only one person noticed. Twelve-year-old Gabe grew up in the foster care system until a social worker located his Uncle Vernon two years before. When he comes home to discover that his uncle has died of a heart attack, he´s terrifed of going back into the system--so he tells no one. The next day, he discovers a strange note in his mailbox: I HAVE A SECRET. DO NOT BE AFRAID. And his uncle´s body is gone. Thus begins a unique correspondence destined to save the two people that depended on Vernon for everything. Through flashbacks, we learn about Gabe and Vernon´s relationship, and how finding each other saved them both from lives of suffering. But eventually, Vernon´s death will be discovered, and how will Gabe and the mystery note writer learn to move forward? The Mailbox is not a story about death--though it begins with a death. It´s also not a story about Vietnam vets, although the author works with Vietnam veterans and wrote this novel, in part, to illuminate their sacrifices and suffering. The Mailbox is a story about connections--about how two people in need can save each other. Praise for The Mailbox: Junior Library Guild Selection A Bank Street College Best Children´s Books of the Year A Librarians´ Choices Booklist Selection ´´Shafer´s narrative is heartfelt, earnest and moving. . . and conveys the power of memory to help heal wounds.´´-Kirkus Reviews ´´Warm and moving, it is an evocative picture of the weblike nature of human existence and the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate experiences.´´-School Library Journal From the Hardcover edition.

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