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 Facility Location

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The mathematical science of facility locating has attracted much attention in d- crete and continuous optimization over nearly last four decades. Investigators have focused on both algorithms and formulations in diverse settings in both the private sectors (e.g., industrial plants, banks, retail facilities, etc.) and the public sectors (e.g., hospitals, post stations, etc.). Facility location problems locate a set of facilities (resources) to minimize the cost ofsatisfying someset ofdemands(ofthecustomers)with respectto some set of constraints. Facility location decisions are critical elements in strategic planning for awiderangeofprivateandpublic?rms.Thebranchesoflocatingfacilities arebroad and long-lasting, in?uencing numerous operational and logistical decisions. High costs associated with property acquisition and facility construction make facility location or relocation projects long-term investments. Decision makers must select sites that will not only perform well according to the current system state, but also willcontinuetobepro?tableforthefacility slifetime,evenas environmentalfactors change,populationsshift,andmarkettrendsevolve.Findingrobustfacilitylocations is thus a dif?cult task, demanding decision makers to account for uncertain future events. Locationscience is an areaof analyticalstudythat can be tracedbackto Pierrede Fermat, Evagelistica Torricelli (a student of Galileo), and Battista Cavallieri. Each one independently proposed (and some say solved) the basic Euclidean spatial - dian problem early in the seventeenth century.

 Facility Management

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Integration of processes and supporting IT tools is a key factor for successful Facility Management. After a review of the present situation of Facility Management the author describes an integrated process model for the conception, planning and construction processes of facilities, providing integration into the whole life cycle. The target costing method is presented as a means to grant proper conception, planning and construction in accordance with the needs of the investor, the user and the operator. To be able to provide figures for the target costing methodology, a concept for efficient IT process support during the utilisation phase is developed. This includes two levels: the operative level and the controlling level based on the data of the operative processes. The concept is based on standard reference models of the key FM processes of the utilisation phase and on an analysis of the existing functionality of the relevant IT tools. A concept for the integration of existing IT tools is presented, that provides the necessary interaction and data exchange to support the newly introduced parts of the workflow. Based on this integration unified objects are defined, combining the distributed information of the FM business objects. This results in a joint FM database structure. The support of the operative processes and the joint data structure enable standardised calculation of benchmarks for controlling purposes. Finally, these benchmarks are the basis for a statistical method that allows the calculation of the utilisation costs in the conception phase.

 Facility Management

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The most comprehensive guide to facility management-revised and extensively updated for the 21st century From the moment it was first published, Facility Management became the ultimate reference for facility and design professionals who want to create a productive workplace that corresponds to the short- and long-term goals of their corporation. This Second Edition of the facility manager´s bible provides complete, fully up-to-date information and guidance on the evolving facility management profession that will help facility professionals and their service providers meet and exceed these goals. Among this guidebook´s outstanding features are its hands-on approach and the use of relevant exhibits including samples, policies, procedures, and forms. It provides practical guidance on a host of issues, including annual, long-range, and strategic planning; financial forecasting; real estate considerations; architectural and engineering planning and design; interior programming and space consideration; construction and renovation work; and much more. Featuring an extensive amount of new and revised information, this new edition covers all of the very latest developments in the field, including: * A major section on facility management information technology-telecommunications, computer integration, safety and security, disaster avoidance and recovery, and more * More in-depth information on benchmarking and outsourcing * Extensive reviews of the latest industry trends * Revised coverage of strategic planning, budgeting, and maintenance and operations issues * A glossary that includes terminology developed over the past decade Facility Management, Second Edition is the complete, one-stop resource for facility professionals, architects, service providers, corporate real estate professionals, and educators. It is also an important introduction for young professionals and students considering a future in the industry.

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