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The book will address the general aerosol physics, on the manufacture of filter media and will give details on the solid and liquid aerosols (liquid droplets) in terms of efficiency, pressure drop and the changes in performance during the clogging. This book will also provide elements to design these filters and predict their behavior over time. In this book, we want to make a state of the art for filtration of aerosols as complete as possible for the behavior of fibrous media against solid and liquid aerosols, models of efficiency and pressure drop and also computing elements for estimating the lifetime of these filters in the clogging Analyses the behavior of fibrous media against solid and liquid aerosols Presents models of efficiency and pressure drop Introducese computing elements for estimating the lifetime of these filters Professor of Process Engineering at the University of Lorraine. His research is in aerosol filtration, a subject he introduced to the laboratory in 1994 (The Laboratory Reactions and Process Engineering (UMR CNRS 7274)). His research focuses on the separation of liquid and / or solid (nano to micron dimensions) with filter media or other methods of separation and characterization of aerosols. His research interests include: areas of personal safety (respirators, safety filters), the environment (atmospheric particulate emissions) and methods (protection filter). He is board member of the ASFERA (French Association for Studies and Research on Aerosols), founding member and vice president of the French Society of Fluid Separations-Particles (SF2P).

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Filtration:Filters, Desalination, Filter paper, Dust collector, Activated carbon, Fouling, Reverse osmosis, Respirator, Clarification and stabilization of wine, Artificial membrane, Diesel particulate filter, History of water filters, Cleanroom


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A Thesis Presented by Frank Eugene Vey to the President and Faculty of Armour Institute of Technology for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Having Completed the Prescribed Course of Study in Civil Engineering, June 16, 19

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